Bursary & Partnership Opportunities

The Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health Forum, presented by the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW will bring together Indigenous experts from across the country to discuss solutions that will help progress the Closing the Gap agenda, particularly as it relates to the health sector. It connects health solution providers with senior decision makers in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations who are looking to invest in high quality and culturally informed healthcare tools, technologies, and services.

Partnership opportunities for this forum will also help fund the attendance of Indigenous community members from remote and underfunded organisations.

Attendees include Directors, CEOs, Managers, Program Coordinators, and community leaders in the Indigenous healthcare involved in:
  • Clinical and Medical
  • Community Engagement
  • Allied Health
  • Policy and Strategy 
  • Patient Transport
  • Rural and Remote Health
  • Telehealth 
  • Outreach and Mental Health Services 
  • Corporate Services
  • Population Health

Key Topics

  • How can providers increase the efficacy and timeliness of Indigenous healthcare by improving access to community-focused and culturally informed state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise?
  • How can focused placement, training, and technology enable greater access to an informed indigenous healthcare workforce with greater connection to community?
  • How can Indigenous health providers overcome the challenges posed by limited budgets, basic resources, and COVID-19, through the adoption of cost effective tools and technologies?

Who should Partner?
Solution providers who offer tools, training, and/or support in the following areas:

  • Patient Flow/Care Software
  • Data Analytics and Health Informatics
  • Service Delivery Design, User Engagement, CX and UX
  • Emerging Assistive Technology
  • Medication Management
  • Telehealth Delivery
  • Case Management


If you have new and innovative products, solutions, services or technologies relevant to this space, our delegates want to hear from you. 

For further information, please email our partnership manager Allen Yao on allen.yao@aventedge.com 

 Pictorial highlights from our Indigenous Community programs: